Monday, April 22, 2013

How much should I Pay to Have My Placenta Encapsulated?

There can be a wide range of fees when it comes to finding someone to encapsulate your placenta. Is someone who charges $80 as professional as someone who charges $400? Here's my take:

I charge $200 for my services. It's just a basic flat rate that makes it easy. For that price, I do everything and leave no extra work. From that fee though I have to pay for supplies, gas, and childcare, so the actual profit I make on each placenta is not $200.

I think $200 is a fair price for both myself and my clients. We have such a large birthing community in the Phoenix area that we actually experience the wide range of differing fees within our city. There are some places where the cost of living is higher and $400 may be a fair price. In Phoenix, it is not. We have some specialists in Phoenix that charge $350. In the Phoenix market, you can find a quality specialist for less than that. Of course, I'm a bit partial to myself because I know I'm skilled and properly trained, I know I have the experience, and I take it seriously, so my recommendation would be not to pay more than $200 in Phoenix.

There are some cities with only one or two specialists. They can charge whatever they want, but maybe their market dictates they can only charge around $80. This does not make them less professional. In the Phoenix area, however, it does. We even have some women who claim to encapsulate who will do it for free because they're learning. My rule of thumb if encapsulating your placenta is really important to you, don't go with anyone who charges less than $150. There's no way to do it for much less than that and still make a little bit of a respectable profit for your time. If you're going to go through the excitement of having your placenta turned into capsules that you want to benefit from, then it's important to go with someone who is professional and does quality work.

There are also specialists in the Phoenix area who will do differing fees based on whether you choose to bring your placenta to their home or they have to go to your home. Many of them will drop the price significantly if you allow them to encapsulate your placenta in their home. I discourage this. It may be tempting, but I do find that most of my clients prefer to have it done in their own homes. I also get the question in almost every inquiry I receive, "How will I know I'm getting back my own placenta?" You shouldn't have to worry about this! It's important that we bring some standardization to the encapsulation process and it really should be done in the client's home.

So, while the fees can vary greatly, I believe a price around $200 is a good jumping off point, especially in the Phoenix area and that's why I set my price accordingly.

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