Thursday, October 18, 2012

Should I Let My Placenta Be Encapsulated In The Specialist's Home?

As placenta encapsulation is a growing trend, more women are wondering about the etiquette of having their placenta encapsulated. Since this is a newer trend, industry standards amongst various specialists is not too well established, yet hopefully over time, women will come to know what to look for in a professional specialist.

An issue arising amongst encapsulation specialists is the desire to complete the encapsulation process in their own home. Therefore, many women are faced with the question of whether or not they should allow their placenta to be encapsulated somewhere other than their home.

I discourage this practice. I understand the appeal for other specialists. Of course, it's easier to do the encapsulation in your own home. Many specialists are other moms who do this as a small side business. It can be a pain to get child care. It's more convenient to be in your home, but that's not the point. The point is that a service is being offered, and that service needs to be professional. If you can't make the commitment to be available to do the encapsulation in an environment that is best for everyone, then don't offer the service.

Another thing some specialists are doing is offering their services at a reduced rate if the client allows the process to take place in their own home. This encourages the client to be persuaded to do something they may not feel completely comfortable with just to save some money. Yes, it can be tempting and the specialist knows this.

I would encourage women who want to have their placentas encapsulated to seek out a specialist who will come to their home and insist on this professionalism. Most professionally trained specialists should be willing to keep this an industry standard for the health and safety of all involved. This is something you're going to be ingesting into your body and you want to ensure it's quality. There are no standardized measures of quality at this point and no governing body to make sure you're getting what you should be getting. This is why you want it done in your home. You can watch the process. You can have the specialist explain to you the process. You can make sure you are comfortable with the quality of service she provides. You'll know exactly what is in your capsules. You'll know it is definitely your own placenta, prepared properly. You can ensure the cleanliness of your kitchen and the sanitation process the specialist uses. While there is no true industry standard, many specialists will be trained and certified in proper food handling, which is an exam you study for and take to become certified. OSHA also has standards of sanitation and the handling of body fluids. A professional specialist should be familiar with both.

I believe in this process so strongly that I feel it is important to offer a quality professional level of service. I want women to feel confident in the services I provide since this is a new process for many women. I would hope other specialists feel the same, but it may be up to women in some circumstances to expect and demand this level of service. Moving forward in the future, this is my hope to see.

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