Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Could Getting an Epidural Give You Meningitis?

As if getting an epidural needed even more cause for concern, the FDA is now expanding its list of recall medications to include epidural medications as an outbreak of meningitis continues to expand. Experts state the number affected has reached 47 people, though authorities are still investigating what type of fungus has caused the outbreak. So far 34 different types of medications have made the list, all being administered by being injected into the spine. There are seven states affected so far, which include Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Indiana, and Michigan.This outbreak has caused the deaths of five people.

If you have gotten an epidural since July 1, 2012, health authorities state it is important to watch for potential symptoms of meningitis including worsening headache, fever, stiff neck, trouble walking or falling, and progressing back pain.

You can reference the full article as well as the full list of recalled medications here:

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