Thursday, October 11, 2012

Placenta Poem


At the beginning of your world, I was part of you.
Made of the same luminous fabric, flesh of your flesh, of our father and mother’s being.
As we grew, we were separated but united. I fed you, breathed for you, 
became a pathway for the flushing currents of our mother’s blood.
As you slept, I was your cradle and your guard; when you awoke I was your companion.
Together for that last day I leashed you the very limits of our linking line before
releasing you to the touch of others – lovers, yes – but surely none will hold
you as nearly, as sweetly or as softly as I did.
As our connection was severed you wept for me once, then were gone.

Carry me deep in your heart as you bury me in the soil of our home, for I am the earth of your making.

placenta earth
Kate Alice 2002

Whenua is a Maori (New Zealand) word meaning both land-environment, and placenta.


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