Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Risks (and Common Occurrences) of A Cesarean

While I've been at it sounding the risks of the epidural, I thought why not go ahead and comment of the risks of a C section. It should be noted, however, that while maternal death may be a more rare and drastic risk, many of the others on this list are expected outcomes.  Enjoy!

Accidental surgical cuts to the baby, surgical mistakes, complications from anesthesia, infections, blood clots, hemorrhage, rupture of the uterus, emergency hysterectomy, pain at the site of the cut, internal pain, long-term pain at site of wound, chronic pelvic pain, chronic bowel obstruction, decreased sex drive, poor overall functioning, poor birth experience, psychological trauma, less early contact with baby, unfavorable reaction to baby, failure to breastfeed, lack of bonding with baby, postpartum depression, longer stay in hospital, a need to return to hospital from complications, longer recovery time, greater risk of complications in future births, likelihood for future Cesareans, infertility, low fetal birth weight, preterm birth, malformation, placental abruption, fetal drowsiness, reduced mobility, respiratory problems, poor fetal breathing, childbirth asthma, adulthood asthma, and maternal death. 

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