Monday, January 7, 2013

Who Encapsulates Their Placenta?

I think there is a stigma about the type of woman who would encapsulate her placenta. It's getting lessened as placenta encapsulation gains steam, but it's still there a bit. I've heard women described as granola or crunchy, tree hugger, or hippie dippie (whatever that means). Honestly, the majority of women I get do not fit into those categories, if we really wanted to try to categorize them!

The women who encapsulate their placentas are not way out there into all kinds of weird ideas. They're regular women! Women you'd see walking around the grocery store, women you'd be friends with. I get women from all types of various backgrounds. Some are highly educated professionals. Some are mothers who want to stay home with their children. Some are from the United States. Some were born in other countries. Many even work in the healthcare field. I've had an adventurous one who skydived for a living. The majority of women I get have suffered either with a low milk supply with previous babies or postpartum depression. I've even had one who dealt with postpartum psychosis.

I would say the majority of the women I encapsulate for are simply trying to do something healthy for themselves to be better mothers. Most want to find a way to avoid the issues they had previously dealt with. All women just hope to enjoy their new babies and be a good mother. Some women are attracted to encapsulate because it's something different and unique, and that's totally fine! However, most women just want to be healthy. All the women I have encapsulated for have been intelligent, aware women, capable of making decisions and educating themselves.

The women who choose to encapsulate their placentas come from all different backgrounds and many different walks of life. They do not fit into one specific type of woman. Their ideas and beliefs vary tremendously, but somehow, they all stumbled upon placenta encapsulation and it resonated with them. Perhaps that's a testament to the instinctual nature some argue is buried within us; a mammalian, animalistic instinct that the placenta is meant to be consumed if only we can get past our socialized perceptions. I would say that's the one thing all the women I've had the privilege of encapsulating a placenta for have in common. They've all overcome the social pressure, the stigma, the shoulds and should nots of our society to embrace a divine right to a transcendant babymoon. And if you'd ask them, you'd see. They're just normal women, but not one has regretted her choice.

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