Thursday, January 10, 2013


Just thought I'd share some of the testimonials from my website. . .

"Elizabeth was great! Very knowledgeable."
E.D. Gilbert, AZ
"Elizabeth was so nice and answered all my questions as I hovered behind her taking pictures while she worked with my placenta. She worked efficiently and cleaned up after herself.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth!"
 M.T. Phoenix, AZ
"My advice to all pregnant women… have your placenta encapsulated!!!  I never imagined myself “eating” my placenta, but after taking it, the only regret I have is that I didn’t have more.  I have two children, and I took it after having my second.  Let me tell you, it was truly amazing!!  After my first child, I had the weepies for several months. This time I only had the weepies for a couple of days until it started taking effect.  My milk came in super fast; I had it by two days postpartum.  Bleeding stopped sooner, it only lasted 3 weeks.  And my husband loved how much happier I was this time.  Encapsulate your placenta, it will make your postpartum so much better!"
S. S. Chandler, AZ 
"I have had zero post partum depression this time and a lot more energy. This baby has been more challenging than any of my other kids. I think if it wasn't for the pills, I would be a basket case. I am so thankful for the pills, and I truly believe that the reason I am the way I am is because of the pills. I am definitely an advocate for this procedure."
A.T. Surprise, AZ

"My experience with Elizabeth and having my placenta encapsulated was wonderful. I never suffered from “bad” post-partum, but my periods where irregular and started right away even though I nursed and I did have a little of the “baby blues”. I figured I had nothing to lose. After I started taking my “vitamins”(that’s what I called them) I noticed increased energy, lots of milk, less painful cramping, and best of all I didn’t start having periods right away. In fact my baby is now 11 months and I had my first period this month! My husband said he noticed that my mood seemed to be steady instead of swinging so much, bonus for Him and the rest of our kids! I have recommended Elizabeth to everyone I know."

L.W. Mesa, AZ

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