Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is There Scientific Evidence for Placenta Encapsulation?

There's many complaints out there that there isn't enough research or scientific evidence for placenta encapsulation, which deters some women from choosing to experience the benefits of consuming their placenta.

I want to make it clear that there is some research out there. Some of the studies can be found here. . .

No one would deny that we can always use more research. However, placenta encapsulation has been being used in other cultures, especially China, for hundreds, possibly several thousand years. For those familiar with both Western and alternative medicine, Western medicine and the research that goes along with it is usually a bit behind other therapies that actually work. We seem to place so much emphasis on the research behind various therapies. Other cultures don't do this. They pass down knowledge of medicine through the generations and no one questions whether it works because they all experience the benefits and know. In many ways, there are a lot of therapies and "medicine" from other cultures that are superior and more advanced than ours despite a lack of "scientific" research.

Any new therapy that comes into our culture has to go through a process of scrutiny and judgment. It's most often called quackery and ridiculed. In time, we do come to realize the benefits as research catches up. During that lag time, however, those who are waiting solely for research do miss out on things that can help them; placenta encapsulation potentially being one of them.

Placenta encapsulation is gaining so much steam in even our mainstream culture not because of the scientific research behind it, but because those willing to go on the centuries of ancient wisdom and try it are sounding the alarms that it works! Women who try it are thrilled with the results! I haven't yet heard of anyone regretting getting their placenta encapsulated or not experiencing at least something.

One thing is also certain from placenta encapsulation; it won't harm you. There are no contraindications. There are no side effects. The absolute worst scenario is that you would spend roughly $200 and then not experience what you were hoping you would. I haven't yet have this happen by the way, but at least that's the worst and not some detrimental damage.

So, yes, we have some research. We can definitely use more, but until then, it doesn't mean that placenta encapsulation doesn't work. There will always be naysayers and skeptics that warn women to be careful. Women should be educated and informed to make decisions, but to me, a lack of copious scientific evidence is not necessarily a reason to rule something out completely. If something could help me and had no chance of harming me, then I would take my chances. I would say, why not try it and see?

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