Friday, September 21, 2012

Photos of a Placenta Encapsulation Day 2

This is day two of the placenta encapsulation photos. If you missed day one, you can visit that post here. This is not a tutorial, but my goal is to help normalize this process by providing a means for people to see it. 

 This is what the placenta looks like after dehydrating.

This is the dried umbilical heart keepsake. It usually turns out quite cute, but it helps to have a long cord. If you're able to ask for the cord to be cut further away from the placenta, it makes the heart shape turn out cuter.

The stripes get ground up into a fine powder.

Imagine that's all that is left of the placenta. It reduces quite a bit, but the amount of powder you see here will yield about 130 capsules.

I use a capsule filler machine, and I try to make sure I get every possible speck of the placenta powder into the capsules. You can see I have a little helper with me in the picture. I do Not bring my children to an encapsulation with me, but this was for a friend with a daughter the same age as mine. Ideally, the encapsulation process should be performed in your home.

Finished product. No this wasn't the full amount of capsules shown here. Day two is always a little more rewarding for me because the capsules get finished and I feel accomplished.

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