Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Harvesting Placental Stem Cells

Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland has not only discovered that the placenta contains life giving stem cells, but also how to harvest them from the placenta. Stem cells are used to treat many different blood disorders such as leukemia, thalassemia, and sickle cell disease.

Obviously, if you choose to have your placenta encapsulated, it wouldn't be available for stem cell donation. However, for the women who wouldn't ever dream of encapsulating their placenta, this may be a good option. I found this article interesting because I am so tired of the placenta being referred to a medical waste and thrown out. I even read a different article recently that talked about how the placenta is the only organ that serves its function and then becomes obsolete after birth. The placenta is so much more than that! It's nice to finally have medical validation for what nature has known all along. There are hundreds of thousands of placentas thrown out every single day- think of what could happen if we started using this precious organ.

For the women who are open to encapsulating their placenta, I still think this is a superior idea than donating it, especially because there is not yet a national placental donation program. But it begs the question, if the placenta contains amazing things like stem cells, what else does it contain? And more importantly, if the placenta has such life giving properties, imagine what it could do for you! To find out more about the benefits of encapsulating your placenta, http://www.phoenixplacentaencapsulation.com/pages/benefits.

To read the article mentioned in this post, http://childrenshospitaloakland.com/research/stem_cells.asp.

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