Friday, September 14, 2012

January Jones Eats Her Placenta

I absolutely love it that celebrity moms are catching on to placenta encapsulation and being open about their experiences. January Jones is the latest celebrity who has announced what she did and what benefits she encountered.

You can read the full article to which I am referring here.

There are a few problems with the article as it states that the evidence we have is purely anecdotal and there have been no scientific studies on placentophagy. This is incorrect and the author really should have done some research before making such a blanket statement. While I agree that we can always use more research, there have been studies done.

The article also mentions a skeptic of placenta encapsulation who had a negative experience. This is something I plan to address separately in a post tomorrow. Until then, thank you January Jones for helping normalize the use of the placenta as part of "a healthy postnatal routine."

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