Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Benefit of Placenta Encapsulation

Something I noticed during my postpartum that I think may be tied to placenta encapsulation is this...

When taking the placenta capsules (and it wouldn't happen on the days I forgot or after I stopped taking them) is that I would feel and notice sensations with much more heightened awareness. Textures on my hands and feet and tongue were more pronounced. My sense like taste and smell were heightened. I also had many moments of this pure blissful feeling where I would just take a deep breath and everything felt absolutely perfect in my life even though consciously I was aware of some continued struggles.

Is this a result of placenta encapsulation? I can't say conclusively, but in my experience, it sure felt like it. I have never heard anyone else describe this from placenta encapsulation, but for me, it could have been. I did not have these sensations after my first two births and I didn't encapsulate after those either.

I am so curious to see what my experience will be like next time around. In the meantime, has anyone else experienced this? Weigh in below!

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