Monday, March 18, 2013

Placenta Recipes Week: Placenta Tincture

Making a placenta tincture (homeopathic remedy) is an easy enough process.

Cut a small piece of the placenta, about the size of a thumbnail.

You'll need a jar or bottle. The size depends on how much tincture you want to make and how long you want it to last. A mason jar works fine.

Put the piece of placenta into the jar and cover with a solution of at least 40% alcohol, 50% is better. The rest of the jar can be filled with water. Use a high quality alcohol like vodka or brandy.

Store in a dry, dark space such as in the cupboard. It takes about 6 weeks to obtain full benefit. At the six week time, you can strain the mixture to remove the placenta part if you desire.

Over time, you can continue to add vodka to the mixture, never letting it go below 50% full so the mixture can last indefinitely.

The tincture can be taken in the postpartum period in the same way at the capsules to help with the transition into motherhood. It can also be kept and used for life during periods of stress and transition or if you just feel out of balance.

The tincture can also be used for your child for stressful life events or new transitions or even simple things like teething. The point of the tincture is to help bring the body into balance.

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