Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Milk Donation

Did you know that you can donate your breastmilk? There are many babies in need and while you can donate to premature or sick babies through milk banks, there is the option of informal milk donating as well. "What is this?" you may ask. There are babies in need of milk that may be perfectly healthy, but for certain reasons, their mothers are not producing enough milk. It may be because a number of factors such a previous surgery or congenital issues. It's not that these mothers searching for milk for their babies don't try hard, they try harder than most probably. These mothers still want to give their best to their babies and often times, the babies do not tolerate formula well.

Many mothers have extra in their supply to where they could make an extra effort to pump a little to help out a baby in need or other mothers must pump for a variety of reasons and have a huge stash in their freezers. There are plenty of resources to donate this milk.

Check out: This has multiple states, choose your state.

Eats on Feets Facebook page You can also choose your region to join.

Human Milk for Human Babies Find your local chapter

I like these options because you often get to meet the mama and baby your milk is going to and you get to know exactly how your milk has helped each baby. It's a special relationship and I've actually made some very close lasting friendships this way.

So if you have some extra time to pump or extra milk to donate, then consider these organizations. And if you want a recommendation, I do know some babies in need at the present time. Please feel free to contact me also if you'd like to donate.

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