Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can I Share My Placenta Capsules With Others?

Yes. I have had family members of clients want to try a capsule. This is perfectly acceptable as the capsules will not harm anyone. Other family members may experience a nice increase in energy and a feeling of general well-being, however, only a new mother is going to experience the range of benefits designed specifically to help her recover.

So, that brings up a little topic I need to mention. Because the placenta capsules do give some benefit to family members as well, I have heard from clients that some husbands like the capsules so much they start taking their wives' capsules! Many women are too fond of their capsules to want to share very many of them, and a lot of husbands aren't interested, but I do have to say, while letting a family member try a capsule or two is fine, don't let your husband share in continually taking your capsules! The placenta capsules are an important part of your postpartum recovery and while I've heard some men going through a stressful time found the capsules helpful, there are other things they can do to ease a stressful transition. The placenta capsules are uniquely designed by your body for you and nothing else can replace the benefit they offer during your postpartum time.

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